Practice Team

The practice has a number of members, not all of them clinical. This is as a result of your medical history being tracked through-out your life, and even after your passing this information requires management until all affairs are settled.

The Reception team is there to help direct you to the best place to service your needs. This is not always the doctor or nurse, sometimes you are best served seeing a pharmacist to srt out minor ailments.

When  you are referred to other services, this referral and the communication with the service and your practice is managed by the Administration team. They are responsible for signing you on to the practice, and managing all interactions within the various services until you leave.

The Nursing team consists of Phlebotomists, who take various blood samples as directed by the doctors; Health Care Assistants who assist in managing Long Term Conditions and Wound Care; and then Nurses, with various specialisms including Minor Illness, Respiratory and Diabetes care.

The Doctors then look after patients that are poorly, or need more intensice care and review. They are the holders patient's care through their lifetime, and are responsible for monitoring their health on behalf of the NHS

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