Jacki Wain

Jacki Wain

Jacki is the leader of our nursing team, and has many years experience in Primary Care.

Jacki looks after the Long Term Conditions, in conjunction with the doctors and pharmacist in the practice. Jacki will be the person that speaks to patients about the management of their condition, and will see patients, arrange various tests and manage medication changes as required during the progression of the conditions.

Family Planning and contraception is one of Jacki's areas of expertise, and she is qualified in the insertions of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs), including coils and implants. Talk to her about our plans and ideas on managing your contraceptions.

Minor Illness is an area of Acute Care that Jacki will support the Duty Doctor on daily. If the Duty Doctor feels that there are appropriate patients on the daily Triage list, they will book you into a slot with Jacki, who will then treat the ailment as appropriate.

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