Nursing Staff

The weekday staff members consist of:

  • Jackie Wain, an Advanced Nurse Practioner, who leads the team.
  • Javeen Henry, a Practice Nurse, looking after the treatment room on some Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Vic and Luna, HCAs doing a range of wound management and health checks.
  • Lorna is the phlebotomist, taking blood samples as appropriate.

The Saturday nursing team consists of :

  • Amanda Buckett, a nurse with many years at the practice, who now works here on various Saturdays. She is qualified in a number of areas, and does most Treatment Room procedures in addition to Baby Clinics.
  • Paula Bothwell, a nurse that works across a range of practices in the City, and does most Treament Room, Travel and Baby Clinics.
  • Leann Carnegie, a nurse that runs primarily Baby Cinics on a Saturday, with some Treatment Room procedures.