Clinics and Services




In addition to GP consultations the practice offers a comprehensive range of clinics and healthcare services:

Family Planning

All doctors and some of our nurses are trained in family planning and offer a full range of services, including emergency contraception.


Maternity Services

Working with the community midwives, the doctors offer antenatal care throughout the week.  


Asthma/COPD Clinic

This is clinic is run by a practice nurse and is for patients who may require a change in their medication, newly diagnosed patients and those who require regular support.  

We have a pharmacist that deals with medication related to this condition, and you may be contacted by them regarding your condition.


Diabetic Clinic

We use the Year of Care methodology for managing our high diabetes load, and have both doctor and specialsit nurse led intervention.


Hypertension Clinic

There are weekly clinics run by a doctor, pharmacist and practice nurse for patients who have been referred due to raised blood pressure.  



Our practice nurses are happy to advise you about any immunisations that you should keep up to date. We encourage all patients with chronic medical conditions or aged over 65 to have a vaccination against influenza ('flu) every year. Please make an appointment for one of our Flu Clinics which are held from October to December. We can also provide vaccination against pneumonia.  


Health Promotion

All the nurses offer a range of advice and support to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle e.g. stopping smoking, dietary advice, exercise, menopause. Women aged between 25 and 65 years will be invited to have a cervical smear at least every 3 years.  


Minor Surgery

The doctors have the facilities to perform a range of minor surgical procedures.  


Child Health Clinic

This clinic is held on Thursday afternoons. It provides routine checks and immunisations for children under 5 years of age. This clinic is for well children only - please do not bring your child to the clinic for the treatment of illness or for repeat prescriptions.