Nursing team changes

Our nursing team is changing, with staff moving off to new roles in other places. Mollie is off to another practice to further develop her skills as an HCA, and Amanda is leaving the weekday service to working weekends. 

Lorna has now retired from Nursing, but will be with us as a phlebotomist, doing blood tests and flu clinics.

We have Luna Rushworth working with us a HCA while she continues her studies towards being a Paramedic, taking bloods and some other tasks.

Vic Lefeuve has joined us as an HCA working 3 days a week, and is in the process of getting signed off on a variety of procedures.

In November we have an Advanced Nurse Practitioner joining us, and she brings vast experience and great skills to the post.

Saturday Service:

We will continue offering a nurse service on Saturdays, with Paula, Leann and Amanda offering Baby Clinics and Treatment Room procedures.

The OxFed 7DAS service will continue to support us, with appointments offered there when you call in to book.

Medicine Shortages

We have been made aware of a nationwide shortage of a number of medications by the NHS Medicines team.

The shortages cover a range of medications, and when prescribing these we are not always aware that they may not be in stock. We work together with Community Pharmacists and local Pharmacies to ensure that we only prescribe what is in stock, but this is not always guaranteed to be in stock by the time the prescription is filled.

When we are alerted to a particular shortage, a member of staff is assigned to look for alternatives together with the broader pharmacy team and OCCG Medications team, and if required a doctor reviews the medications and re-issues a prescription.

Please work with us during this period, as there is likely to be an extended period of disruption over the next few months.

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