Register with us as a New Patient




Changes to registration during Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has accelerated the uptake and enablement of Digital working across the NHS. To this end, we have set up the registration process to be on-line. The forms are device independent, and will work on a smartphone, tablet and computer. You will have the ability to save progress if you are interupted or need to findsomething, and then jump straight back in.


New Patient Registration

All new patients registered with the practice will be asked to complete the forms, and they are available via the link below.

Please complete these forms, and submit them with electronic copies of your ID and Address confirmation. All forms need to be completed in order for us to complete the registration within our clinical system. You may indicate on your registration form any preference for a particular doctor, with the practice.

Whe  you first attend the practice, we may ask you to physically sign the documents, but a digital signature will be adequate for this initial registration.

Adding additional members of your family can be done using the same forms, please indicate their relationship to you when doing so.




This on-line form will allow you to upload all the documention that we require. Please ensure that you have them to hand in electronic form.

You will need the following:

  • Photo ID (passport preferable)
  • Utility bill, less than 3 months old, with your current residential address

If you do not have a copy of these already, please take a photograph, and then attach them to the application


Practice Area

Our contracted practice area covers the eastern part of the city and surrounding area and includes, Abingdon Road and surrounds, East Oxford, Iffley Fields, Cowley, Littlemore, Rose Hill, St Clements and parts of Headington and Marston. A wide range of social and ethnic groups are represented and translators can be booked for most languages.We also cater for students. 

If you wish to register with us and do not live within this area, we will ask you to sign an indemnity form, where you accept that we will not be able to do any home visits.


The contents of the registration.

  • The patient questionaire: This lets us know a number of important details about you, and there is a section where you can sign-up for email and tet messages with up to date information for you. There are questions here around demographics, and this information is important for the Health Authorities when they are designing services for the various patient populations within the practice.
  • Summary Care Record is the form that allows us to share your medical information across the various services in Oxfordshire and nationally. This form is crucial, and registration cannot proceed without this. An explanation of the form is avaliable here